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Annex Plast

Annex  plast wall putty exterior rough plasters and even finish along with proving to be a great undercoat adhesion to emulsion paints.This is a specially designed product based on white cement, which  gives a smooth finish to rough exterior plasters. It can be used on interior and  also exterior surfaces.

Takno Plast

Takno Plast is a white cement based product with  
functional additives  on interior and exterior rough plasters to give a smooth finish.It have a good workability and controlled water vapour permeability.It also resists growth of algae on wall.

Acrylic Wall Putty

Acrylic Wall Putty from Annex Paints  is water thinnable putty, specially formulated for  surface imperfections and levelling on primed wall.

Water proff putty

Water proff  putty from Annex Paints is a unique product that offer water repellent . It is based on white cement and a special silicon additive  which  works on both interiors and exteriors.

Wood filler

Wood Filler from Annex Paints can be used for both Interior & Exterior Wooden surface.Its Easy to apply and  Sands easily to a smooth finish.You also have a options of colors.

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